LVL Lashes -  £45.00


LVL Colour boost* - £10.00

*after 3 weeks to give lashes extra depth of colour


LVL is a Nouveau Lashes exclusive creation that is intended to straighten and lift your eyelashes. Unlike a traditional perm your Lashes are straightened from the root giving your Lashes an immediate lift that normally lasts between 6 to 8 weeks. There is no extensions or or adhesives involved and because of the tint no need for mascara, a lash tint can be done 3/4 weeks after to give Lashes a colour boost.


This treatment does require a patch test 48 hours before your appointment to ensure it's suitable for your skin.


LVL Conditioning serum - £14.99


Containing a complex blend of multi-vitamins and conditioning actives, this new and improved conditioning serum is the ultimate conditioner for lashes and brows. Packed full of nourishing goodness, used daily, this serum provides lashes and brows with all they need to appear instantly conditioned, as well as provide long-term benefits to help give a fuller appearance. Powerful anti-oxidants also help protect lashes and brows from everyday environmental pollutants. When used beneath mascara, it can also act as a primer. The hypoallergenic formulation is gentle on even the most sensitive eyes.

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